It has been a busy few days.  I have been concentrating on redfish and triple tail for the last few weeks.

We fished for tailers in the grass most every evening this past week until dark.  We had full moon tides of over 8′, the grass flooded and the reds responded.  Every evening we saw at least a dozen tailers.  I scouted out a new flat last week and am excited about the possibilities of it for this summer.  It takes accurate casts and a little luck to fool these fish.

There are still big schools of fish on the low tide flats.  To catch them you have to approach them very quietly, put your cast right in front of them, and slowly strip the fly back.

The triple tail are still in front of Jekyll.  We saw about a dozen in two hours this morning.  They are spooky, and using a trolling motor helps get close enough for a fly rod.

I can’t emphasize enough the necessity of good casting in the salt water.  The ability to cast 50-60′ with accuracy, in the wind is essential to success.

A typical trip now is a few hours chasing triple tail, followed by about four hours of low tide redfishing.  The trout are on the beach in front of Cumberland, so another option is to go to Cumberland for a few hours at first light for trout, and fish for triple tail on the way back to SSI.

Until next time, tight lines, practice the double haul, and strip strike.

Capt. Dave