Jeremy and Meagan2 3-6-10

Jeremy and Meagan with his 8 lb red. Another victim of the black toad fly

Wow.  Is it cold in the morning running into a 10 knot wind at 30 mph with the temperature 32 degrees.  Winter can’t end too early for me.

I had some good anglers the last few days.  Friday I spent an enjoyable day with Jay and David. Jeremy and Meagan 4 3-6-10 Jay is getting married in May, and was down here for his Bachelor’s weekend.  We started early, and worked a few schools in the river, then we headed into a slough as the tide turned in.  We spooked some fish, but also had good shots at tailing and finning fish.    With low tide early and late, we decided to call it quits after a few hours and re-group  on the evening low tide.  We headed to a new spot, and were rewarded by several big schools of fish.  David and Jay are both good and experienced casters.  They had some excellent shots at fish, but they just had lock jaw today. 

On Saturday, I met Jeremy and Meagan at the McKay River launch.  Meagan gave Jeremy the charter for a birthday present, and drove down here from her parent’s home in Midway.  (She also gave Jeremy his first fly rod!  I would hang onto that woman!)  We started out on a flat off the ICW.  We saw a few schools working, but it was much like yesterday, with the fish not being very active.  Then all of a sudden, I hear Jeremy yelling as he is fast to a fat 8 lb red.  Not only was this Jeremy’s first red on a fly rod, it was his first red!  He took coaching well, got he fish on the reel and enjoyed the 5-10 minute tug of war.  We found several more schools on flats as the tide came in, and Jeremy did a good job of feeding the fish the fly, but they just wouldn’t take.
I think he is hooked and will be back for tailers in the summer.