Redfish3, 2-2--10

Another victim of the black toad

Adam's first sight fished redfish
Adam’s First Sight fished Red

We finally had normal weather return to the Golden Isles this weekend. Afternoon temperatures in the 60’s and morning temperatures in the 40’s.  Water temperature was 48.9.  Comfortable temperatures, light winds combined with the neap, half moon tides-which mean clear water-made for a RED HOT redfish bite this weekend. On Friday evening we landed two huge reds between 12 and 13 lbs. Saturday morning saw five reds brought to the boat. On Sunday morning I had a novice caster on the boat. We spent the first, best fishing hour,  trying to get him to cast farther than 20′. Then we went fishing. He consistently cast ten feet short of the school. After concluding he wouldn’t be successful with the fly rod, out came the spinner and gulp shrimp. He immediately connected with six pound red. We were in reds all morning, and they we finning and tailing.
If you plan on coming to the Golden Isles, please practice your casting. You need to be able to put the fly into a 24″ circle at 50′ to consistently connect with fish. If we ever get closer than 50-60′ of the school, we will spook them. After you spook a school, catching them is very difficult.  The fly of choice last weekend was the black redfish toad.

Here are a few more pictures of the Redfish we landed this weekend in the Golden Isles.

Redfish5A, 2-20-10

 Redfish4, 2-20-10Redfish5, 2-20-10