It has been a busy August so far.  Tides have been right for tailers.  Early in the month we had evening tides.   During the second week we had morning and

This is why Red fish are called "Spot Tails"

early afternoon tides.  I particularly like the morning tides because the chances of thunderstorms are much less, and the wind is usually calm.  On calm days, you can see the fish tailing from a hundred yards away.  Again, the black toad was the fly of the week.  This fly imitates the fiddler crabs,  for which the Reds are rooting and digging.

We see anywhere from 6-18 fish during these tides.  Some new pictures have been added to the gallery.  There are several flats I fish that are very close to each other.  If  we don’t see fish on one, we simply move to others until we find the tails.  If you are interested in a charter for just the tailers, give me a call,  and we can work something out for a two hour “Tailing Tide” trip.

The trout have shown up big time.  We usually locate these fish with DOA’s rigged below popping corks.  Then out come the fly rods with green and white clousers or gurglers, and the fun begins.  The trout fishing will only get better for the next three months.

September offers the best time of the year to chase tailing reds.  We have about two weeks of good tides beginning about the 9/3 and lasting through 9/14.  Later in the month, 9/23-9/26 should also be good.  The last dates depend heavily on the right wind to push the tide in.

Only a few small schools of monster Jacks have been spotted in the sound this year.  Hopefully they will show up soon so we can chase these Mac Trucks of the sea.

Until next time, tight lines, tight loops, practice the double haul and remember to strip strike.