12-21-09  Cold Weather Red Fishin’

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Fightin' a big red on a five weight

Jaqson with the new Fly Cast Outfitters 5 wt being put to the test

Cold weather has descended upon the Golden Isles, but the redfishing is hot.  Today I was joined by Capt Jason Rieger of SkinnyWaterCharter.com out of Savannah.  Low tides are early and late this week, so we pushed through some grass on the high tide to find some floaters during the middle of the day.  After an hour of looking, we decided to try the low tide flat, even if the water was still too high.  Along the edges of the flat we found several hungry schools of reds.  Jason hooked up on two consecutive casts and made great strip strikes.  For some reason or another the fish came unbuttoned after a few runs.  We pushed up the flat as the water was falling and found school after school of big reds.  Jason hooked up on a nice 9 pounder on the new Fly Cast Outfitters five weight.  After several runs well into the backing, we brought the fish to hand.   The fly of the day, you guessed it, a black toad.

If you have never seen schools of  hundreds of reds on a flat, you owe it to yourself to come to the Golden Isles at this time of year.  The schools are huge and there are several flats within a short run where we can find them. 

school of reds

Schooling Low Tide Reds

Jason1 Jason’t 9 lb Low Tide Redfish

Fishin’ in the Fog

Cool water and warm air temperatures, 65 degrees at noon, are a recipe for fog.  Today started out so foggy, you couldn’t see 1/2 mile.  However, as the day warmed up, the fog lifted a little. The wind was flat calm, and the water smooth as glass.  Great conditions for fly casting for reds.
     We went to a low tide flat within two miles of the ramp.  As the tide was going out, the water was clearer than I have seen it all Fall.  If the sun had been out, the reds would have been glowing in the water.  There were three or four schools of reds on the flats this afternoon making wakes all over the place.  The bite wasn’t aggressive, but we did manage to put one in the boat and missed three other strikes.  The flies of choice today were, you guessed it, the black toad, and a John Baker shrimp. 
     The Golden Isles enjoy some great weather in December.  Take a break after Christmas and treat yourself to a little clear water fly fishing for red fish.

Capt. Dave

11/19/09 In the thick of the Reds

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Beautiful weather returned to the Golden Isles today. Light winds, 79 degrees. With the high tides, finding clean water is a little difficult. We moved around until we found some and the trout bite is on.

On low tide, the reds are in big schools. We had a blast chasing them today. A chartreuse sparkle fly seemed to be the fly of choice today. The reds are so thick, we had them bumping the boat.

As the tides come down the water will clear, and the bite will come on big time!

Come to the Golden Isles to enjoy this wonderful time of year.
Capt. Dave