The “Purple Passion”

Capt. David Edens

St. Simons Island, GA


The Purple Passion

This fly is an evolution of the St. Simons Scampi.  While the St. Simons Scampi was developed for clear water, the Purple Passion was developed to imitate small shrimp and to be fished in stained water.  This is what you find in the summer fishing low tide flats for red fish.  I always like dark colored flies when the water is dingy, and purple and black are go to colors for salt water fishing.  I imagine it would work well with other colored zonker strips in different water conditions and in larger sizes when the shrimp are bigger. You could also palmer the body with Copper UV polar chenille to give it additional flash, but it works well as is and is easy to tie.  Please register or log in to view complete material list and tying instructions.  When you register, you will be put on our mailing list and receive our newsletter every four to six weeks.  I think that is a fair trade for tying instructions for this great fly. Please Login or Register to read the rest of this content.